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Wellness Programs and Workshops

Wellness programs

Introduce wellness to your workplace with a presentation or workshop by Amanda Wright. The goal of a wellness program is to improve employee health and wellbeing. It empowers employees with health education and lifestyle skills to achieve their best possible health. It positively affects employee morale and job satisfaction, and optimises performance and productivity.

Amanda Wright

Presenter, facilitator, trainer and auditor

Amanda Wright has experience, knowledge and interests in health and safety, education, and wellbeing through her professional and academic background.

Amanda is a professional educator and public speaker. She provides wellness presentations in the areas of stress, mindset, health, and related topics for workplaces. She is dedicated to developing effective strategies for managing stress and improving the quality of life

Her academic credentials include a Graduate Diploma - Health and Safety, Bachelor of Arts - Sociology, and she is also a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Professionally, she has expertise in workplace health, safety and wellbeing, risk management, education, and training. She has a thriving wellness clinic specialising in weight loss, reducing hypertension chronic pain and menopause symptoms.

As a former board member of the WorkSafe WA Commission and the author of the Department of Justice's Strategic Mental Health Plan, Amanda is uniquely placed to bring wellness and wellbeing to the corporate workplace. She has delivered wellness programs and workshops for government at the Departments of Defence, Finance, and Justice with topics such as Addressing Psychosocial Risk, Five Ways to Wellbeing, Stress Reduction, and Hypertension and Mindfulness.

Amanda's presentations are available in person in city and selected regional locations, and online with Zoom.

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Psychosocial hazards under new legislation

The new workplace health and safety legislation was adopted nationally in December 2022. All workplaces must now consider psychosocial hazards. Most jobs involve some psychosocial hazards that can harm workers’ mental health. 

Amanda has the knowledge, strategies and experience to ensure employers and others meet their OSH responsibilities by managing psychosocial hazards and risks. This minimises organisational disruptions and the significant costs of work-related harm to safety and health, as well as improving performance and productivity.

Psychosocial hazards can create stress. Stress is not an injury, but if it becomes frequent, prolonged or severe, it can cause psychological and physical harm -- such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep disorders. And in some cases, could also lead to self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

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