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Surveys show 75 percent of people want to stop smoking

Quit Smoking

A qualified hypnotherapist such as Amanda resolves smoking addiction on a subconscious level, implanting new ideas and new methods of reacting to the emotional stimuli that cause the destructive smoking behaviour. Hypnosis helps reduce the physical affects of addiction withdrawal and boost the positive stimulation of perceived health benefits. It counteracts the behavioural conditioning of smoking, in social situations for instance.

For some, one session brings immediate results. Others value the increased reinforcement of multiple sessions to ensure ongoing results. Hypnosis sessions with Amanda create subconscious, positive visualisations of a healthier, better future without smoking, reinforced by individually prepared audio recordings for continuing self-hypnosis.

Quitting smoking has immediate health benefits. Within a short time all nicotine will be gone from your system. If you stop smoking before permanently damaging your lungs, most damage can be reversed over time.

Surveys suggest that 75 percent of smokers would like to give up. The most effective way to do that is with hypnosis, according to the largest ever scientific study on breaking the habit. A study of 72,000 people in America and Europe found that the most effective technique to stop smoking was hypnosis with a 30 percent success rate. Other methods recorded varying rates of success and bottom of the list was advice from doctors and individual willpower, with just 6 percent quitting (Journal of Applied Psychology).

The key to successfully quitting smoking is a genuine, committed desire to end this damaging addiction. Hypnosis is not a magical solution that will do all the hard work for you. You must be fully focused on leaving the smoking habit behind, so that hypnosis can successfully recondition and reinforce a sincere desire to quit.

Social and health pressure on smokers is ever-increasing. The mortality rate for smokers is twice as high as for non-smokers. On average, smokers die six years earlier than non-smokers. Cigarettes contain 7000 chemicals, including 70 that cause cancer. Smoking causes 20 percent of all cancer deaths, from 16 different types of cancers.

In Australia, smoking is banned in workplaces, public venues and many public places. Far from being a popular social activity, it is increasingly seen as antisocial, unpleasant and unacceptable. And it is increasingly expensive, costing thousands of dollars a year. (Australia and New Zealand lead the world in anti-smoking pricing. A pack of cigarettes that costs $20 in Australia, costs just $7 in the USA and $2 in Russia.)

Addiction is caused by a dependency response in the brain to a stimulant, and reinforced by social conditioning. Smokers have a litany of excuses to justify this stimulation. They claim it calms their nerves, gives them something to do with their hands, helps them concentrate, and puts them at ease in social situations. Younger smokers think that is makes them appear cool, sophisticated and adult. These are all self-deceptions to permit ongoing self-harm. Take the best possible step forward to a healthy future and long life by dismissing these deceptions and committing to quit smoking now.

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